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Is Vinyl Siding Right for Your Chicago Home?

vinyl siding is durableSince 2012, over 33% of houses have utilized vinyl for siding purposes. The vinyl siding advantages are numerous thus it has become utilized extensively for exterior home design. The material was first introduced in the housing industry around 1950 and has transformed to become what is used today. Here are some of the top vinyl siding Chicago advantages.

• Aesthetic Appeal

There are diverse preferences for vinyl siding when it comes to texture, color, architectural trim and much more. You can also get one that mimics other materials such as slate, stone or wood. Even better, the materials have an improved color retention with over 350 colors currently on record.
The siding features have been designed to complement the best features of any home as well as the architectural profile. That way, home owners don’t have to compromise the aesthetic value of their home while trying to improve the curb appeal. Currently, vinyl siding has been incorporated for various renovations including prehistoric buildings.

• Durability

The material has the ability to withstand various temperatures including high winds, moisture, cold and heat. As a result, it can maintain the overall appearance and performance capability over a long time. The material has been tested and has withstood even the strongest storms and hurricanes. Many manufacturers offer lifetime warranties to their customers as a testament to the durability of the material.

• Sustainability

The material itself is environment friendly. As a matter of fact, it has surpassed the performance levels portrayed by other materials such as brick in both the economic and environmental installation going on in Chicagoparameters. On the other hand, insulated siding, a vinyl siding material with insulation properties, provides all the benefits of vinyl siding with an added advantage of energy efficiency.

• Install-Ability

Insulated siding has the ability to decrease thermal bridging, as a result it has been included in the list of housing products that can contribute to an energy efficient home. Also, it is very lightweight thus making it easy to install in any home or commercial building. It’s an excellent retrofit option since it can be installed over other materials which makes the whole process, cheap and cost-effective.

• Low-Maintenance

You don’t need to paint over vinyl siding to maintain the original appearance. As a matter of fact, it requires very little to no maintenance. All you need to do is clean periodically with a little soap and water and it’s good to go. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about cracking, insect damage or rotting. As mentioned above, the material is very durable so as long as regular cleaning is done, the material becomes uncompromised.

• Affordability

Compared to all the material used for cladding, vinyl siding is by far the cheapest. Therefore, it’s ideal for people looking to renovate or add extra curb appeal to their home without extending their budget.
In conclusion, the benefits of vinyl siding outweigh all the rest of cladding materials currently in the market. As long as it’s installed properly, you can rest assured that the curb appeal of your home remains astounding for the longest period.