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What You Should Look For In A Window Company?


You might not think much about windows but the truth is that windows are a very important feature of any house and they can literally make or break the aesthetics of your house depending on a lot of things. Thus said, you should always keep an eye for a good windows installer to make your home comfortable, brighter and yes, beautiful.

But what makes a window company a good one? Read below to find out.

1. Craftsmanship

There are different types of windows – awning, casement, double hung, bow and bay, picture and gliding. For us a good company should have experience making and installing any of those types of windows. More important than the experience, however, is the craftsmanship. The best way to know if a company makes great windows is to go to their showroom and check out their sample works.

2. Happy customers

A company is really only as good as its happy customers. Good if a company has happy customers, but if it has none because it is a fairly new company, you should insist on looking a money back guarantee or free replacements.
3. Quality materials
A window is really only as good as its materials. We don’t need to tell you about that quality materials should be used in your windows to make them last long. If you’re like most people, however, you probably don’t have any idea on which materials are best for windows. You can ask your window company what materials they are using and then do an independent research on them.

4. Professional recommendation
Professional builders and remodelers know which windows are best for what type of setting as well as which brands are the best. If you’re in contact with a professional builder or remodeler, you can ask which window maker they recommend (assuming that you’re going to install the window Do It Yourself).

5. Weather proof

If you live in a temperate area where there are four seasons, make sure that a company knows how to make its windows energy-efficient and weather-tight to keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer.

There are many window makers out there, and you only need to research on Google or any other search engine for “window company” plus the name of your area to know what we mean. Just like anything else, however, you shouldn’t just buy from the first company you encounter. Instead, do some research on the different companies and then ask a quote from at least three companies.

Ideally, you should be hiring a contractor to work on your windows, even when you’re just replacing windows. But if you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you have the necessary skills to replace your windows. As a guide, you will need safety glasses, a caulk gun, waterproof shims, and tape measure to to work on your windows project. Other things you will need are level, hammer, power drill or driver, screw driver, utility knife, putty knife, and a small pry bar .