Wood Windows

The Pros and Cons of Wooden Frame Windows

How can you tell if wood windows are the right choice for your home? Wood windows are still popular as replacement windows and windows for new homes. A firm understanding on window materials and their pros and cons will give the home owner the freedom of choice in order to select the best materials that are suitable for their homes. Homeowners will differ on the window materials for their homes and no two homeowners will agree on the same material for their home replacement windows. The major benefits they expect from any material is the cost saving and easy installation benefits. This article will highlight the pros and cons of using wood as a window material.
Wood has been used for thousands of years for construction purposes. It is a high quality solution for most of our home needs. Wood is a strong building material which is time-tested for a long period of time. Proper maintenance is what is needed to prolong the durability of wood windows. Wood is one of the most aesthetically pleasing window materials in the world. Replacement windows with wood will definitely add more value to your house. It would increase the resale value of your house in leaps and bounds. A clear coating can prolong the lifespan of wood windows and make it even more attractive to the onlooker. Wood windows can be stained or painted as per the desire of the homeowner.
The wood frame provides an insulator that cannot be matched by aluminum or vinyl. Wood is ideal for regions where the weather changes are drastic. It is one of the most energy efficient materials for windows. It would help to save money on energy bills every month. This is one of the main advantages of wood windows.
Easy maintenance is another advantage of using wood windows. All it needs it a new coat of paint. A new coat of paint will guarantee the protection of your wood windows for another 5-8 years. The color of the wood window can be changed at any time to match the color of the interior or exterior of the house. This is another benefit of using wood windows.
The longest warranty is the other advantage of using wood windows. Wood windows have a warranty of up to 30 years on installation. This is one of the longest warranties for any kind of window material. Wood windows can be designed to replicate the existing frames of the house. It would allow to keep the original style of the window even if replaced after 20-25 years. This is another advantage of wood windows.
Even though wood windows cost twice as much as PVC windows, it will last for about five times longer than PVC windows. The durability is one of the most beneficial factors of wood windows. Environmental factors are the other benefit of using wood as a window material. It is considered the greenest choice for window material.
The above mentioned are the pros of wooden windows. But, there are also a few negative factors of using wooden windows. Wooden windows require more effort on maintenance. They will periodically need to be repainted or resealed in order to guarantee durability. Any potential problems must be dealt swiftly before extensive damage is done.
A homeowner will have to spend more money, in order to buy wooden windows. Choosing exotic crafted windows can increase the price further. This is another disadvantage of using wood windows. Natural factors have a detrimental effect on wood to some extent. The termite problem, rotting, cracking under extreme heat and too much of moisture can affect the wood windows in a negative way.

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