The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

Replacement Vinyl Windows: Are They Good for Your Chicago Home?

Are you considering installing Chicago replacement windows in your home?  There are numerous benefits of vinyl windows, whether it is used for a new home or as replacement windows for older homes. It has been estimated that more than half of the replacement windows bought in the USA are made of vinyl.

Vinyl is a popular and economical alternative to wood, aluminum, fiberglass and other materials. The major benefits of vinyl include energy efficiency, and the easy installing and maintaining facility. This article will highlight the pros and cons of vinyl windows.


Vinyl has a superb degree of insulation. Vinyl can keep the heat during winter and seal the room from heat during summer. They are made from a special plastic named as Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. PVC has a higher R-Value than most of the other materials used as windows. The R-Value is a numerical way of accessing the amount of insulation that a material provides.
A product with a higher insulation rate is ideal to reduce energy costs that would accrue through heaters, fans and air conditioners. If you were to replace your windows with vinyl, you can definitely cover this cost within a few years by the way of paying lower energy bills every month. Vinyl windows with double-paned glasses can further enhance the savings through lower energy bills. The reduction in energy bills will help to save valuable money for you. This is another benefit of using vinyl for your windows.
Vinyl windows are recyclable and minimizes construction wastage. Anyone concerned about the environment should definitely shift to vinyl as a material for their home windows. The wide range of selection is another advantage of using vinyl windows. There are many designs and brands of vinyl windows in the market, and you can order the best windows that will match the architecture of your house. PVC can be molded in any color and style to suit the needs of the customer. Windows can even be customized according to the clients preferences. The easy installation facility is another advantage of using vinyl windows for your home. They are inexpensive to manufacture and install. These windows will fit into any space without any problem. You will not have to change the walls in any way, in order to install vinyl windows as replacement windows. This is another major advantage of vinyl windows.
Vinyl windows will not require too much of effort in maintenance work. Their durable surfaces are already finished, stained and sealed. You will not need to sandpaper, paint or touch them up. Vinyl is resistant to dirt, mold, stains, scratches and dents. This means that the windows will last longer than most of the other window materials.
The above mentioned are the pros of using vinyl as window material. But there are also a few cons of using vinyl for window material. Even though they are a very few compared to the cons, we will highlight the cons of vinyl windows too, in this article.
The main disadvantage is that the vinyl can fade with time and they are not made to absorb stains or paints. Fading of color is one of the biggest disadvantages of vinyl. If you live in a region with severe thunderstorms, you will have to check with a window expert to verify if vinyl can withstand the pressure of weather, in the region. For people who prefer a thinner looking window frame, vinyl will not be suitable as it looks more chunkier in appearance. Vinyl may not be good for every house as it has a more of a plastic-like look. These are the few cons of using vinyl as window material.