Identifying Casement Windows

Whether you are replacing an existing set of windows or buying a new set of windows for a newly constructed property, there are many types to choose from. Knowing the basics about the different types of windows helps make an informed purchase and can save time and trouble. One type of window that any consumer will come across when in the market for windows are casement windows.  For more on casement replacement windows in Illinois look at window replacement Chicago.

Casement windows are identified by their attachment to the window’s frame. They are hinged to one or more areas of the frame. When the hinges are to either side, the casement window is an awning. When the hinges are at the bottom, the window is called a hopper.

Casements are opened with the help of a crank or a lever. A stay is implemented to keep the open window in place without risking it swinging into another object, a tree or the property itself. Casements are found in many older homes, but the manner in which they are manufactured now allows them to fit in perfectly in many new construction settings.

This is one reason that casement window replacements are ideal for older homes. It is easy to select complimentary replacements that maintain the desired look while offering the most modern technology as far as energy efficiency is concerned. Choose from standard sized rectangular casement windows or ones that are designed to reflect a personal style.

Casements come in arches and curves and can become accent windows when placed together with traditional pieces. Finishes for casement windows vary, and a myriad of choices are available including different wood finishes together with different exterior color finishes. Different types of hardware are available in bronze, brass, chrome and more, which allows total customization to be possible.

New casement windows also offer the best in locking technology. This allows the safest use from the windows in any room of the home including children’s bedrooms. These windows do more than just protect and perform, they also serve to add a decorative look for both the interior and exterior of a home.

Whether the windows needed are for something new or are needed to replace existing casements, the choices available are almost unlimited. They offer tremendous durability, ease of maintenance and complete energy efficiency. Think of the styles, shapes, colors and finishes desired prior to shopping for casement windows to get the most customized look possible.

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