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If you have been confused about replacement windows in Chicago or are looking to get a quote from a Chicago window replacement Expert, we can help.

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There is no better way to improve the energy efficiency, look, and comfort of your Chicago home then to install new replacement windows.

Old windows can be drafty, letting in the cold in the winter and the hot in the summer. They can also have poor insulation value, which means they don’t stop heat from getting in during the hot months of the year and they let heat out during the cold months. Both of these issues can make your furnace and air conditioning work more than they have to putting unneeded strain on them while at the same time burning energy.

Old Chicago windows can also be quite unsightly. What that means is ugly! Out dated windows that need to be replaced can be dirty, stained, pealing, falling apart, and cloudy. All of these factors can be embarrassing to the homeowner and actually lower your property value.

Another issue with older windows is function. Many times an older window will be difficult to operate, if not completely impossible to open. This can be extremely dangerous in emergency situations not to mention annoying during daily usage. Older windows can be difficult to clean because of the way they were designed.

The final, and maybe the biggest issue with old wood windows, vinyl windows, or aluminum windows is the fact that they can significantly decrease the value of your home. A prospective home buy or appraiser will discount the value of your home based on old replacement windows.

Replacing windows offers you a number of value benefits, some you may have considered and some you may not have.

Obviously new replacement windows will clean up the look of your home from the inside and the outside. The inside of your home will appear cleaner and brighter with new windows. The outside “curb appeal” will be drastically improved with clean framed, clear glass windows.

Your home’s value will be increased with installation of new windows in your home. Some experts predict that the R.O.I. of having a quality Chicago window installer put new windows in your home is in the range of 50-75%. That means for every dollar you spend, 50 to 75 cents may be added to the value of your home.

Another apparent but maybe not so obvious benefit of new windows is the energy saving. Sure everyone knows that they will save money with replacement windows in Chicago, but what isn’t always considered is the how that

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Quality Window Replacement

Double Hung - WoodClad Double Hung - WoodCladeffect your purchase. Home improvement experts recommend buying windows on a payment program. If you can get 0% financing, even better. Let’s say you spend 00 for a window company to do their thing and they offer 60 month 0% financing. Your payment would be 0 per month. Now consider the energy savings of a windows. Let’s say you spend 0 on energy costs each month and with new windows you save just 35% of that. That means you would save per month. (every situation is different and energy saving amount can never be guaranteed). That means your new windows are netting out at just per month! Plus you get all of the other benefits of the windows like increased home value, pride of ownership, clean and attractive look, less wear and tear on your heating and cooling mechanisms, etc. And after 6 years, you save all that money every month with no payment!!

Window replacement is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. The benefits are huge and the return on investment of those benefits makes it a no brainer project to complete.