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Benefits of Siding Replacement

Siding is the outer-most cover or cladding of a house, which is meant to protect the house from inclement weather and shed water easily. The siding can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the house and thereby, increase the market value of the house or building. Sidings can be vertical or horizontal, and many materials can be used for this purpose. Wood, plastic, stone and metal are used as siding material. Sidings can become unusable with time. Old sidings may be worn out and not serving its purpose of enhancing the beauty of the house, and protecting the house from inclement weather. This is where replacing the siding will come in handy.

Most people would rush to get the sidings replaced during spring. But, replacing the worn out sidings anytime of the year has huge benefits. The summer blends many of the attributes of each season together. Warmer weather will result in less hectic contractors during the summer, and this is one of the main benefits of replacing your home sidings during the summer. It will allow to update the looks of your home, get the work done on time, and save money in the process. This is why you should plan to replace the sidings of your house during the less hectic summer time. The major benefits of doing so will be highlighted below.

Siding Contractors are Ready to do Your Project Now –

Most of the siding contractors are traditionally busy during two seasons, which are spring and fall. Contractors are quite busy during these two seasons as most people would try to get the job done during spring. If they couldn’t get the job done during spring, they would try to hurry up and get the job done before winter falls. This will keep the contractors busy during these two seasons, thereby providing less attention to the quality of the job. The summer will ensure that there is more time for the siding contractors to concentrate on the job: more on quality particularly. There won’t be any delays associated with material back orders due to the company being too busy. The contractors will give their 100% effort in finishing your job on time if you get the job done during the summer time.

You’ll Get a Great Deals on New Siding –

Getting the best deal when replacing your home sidings will depend on the time of the year that you choose to get the job done. Most of the siding companies are not so busy during the summer, and they want to keep their crew busy during this time. This is essential in order to maintain their regular cash-flow throughout the year. Because of this, they will offer discount prices for jobs performed during the summer time. Negotiations and bargaining will be easy during the summer than most of the other seasons. The discount you can get will mainly depend on the contractor, and your negotiation skills on the subject. Vinyl sidings are the most economical, and customers pay between $12000 to $15000 to redo an average home with vinyl sidings. Brick sidings are double the cost and cement fiber will range in between these two points. This is just an average figure, but it will be helpful when negotiating your price with the contractor.

Now is the Best Time for Siding Replacement –

Performing a siding replacement job during spring and fall will not be easy. The weather will prevent continuous work with heavy rain and snow. This will have a negative effect on the concentration of the siding contractors and thereby cause the quality of the work to drop in the process. Considering the health of the contractors, and efficiency in performing the job quickly, will no doubt prompt anyone to choose the summer time as the best time to work. Summer is the most ideal weather for a siding replacement project.

Replacing those outdated scruffy-looking sidings of your home will no doubt add value to your house in the long run. The curb-appeal of the house can be enhanced in leaps and bounds by replacing them on-time. You can definitely recoup the cost of the siding replacement project if you decide to sell your home, by any chance. But, the percentage of recoupment will basically depend on the material that you use for the siding replacement project. Using vinyl siding material will help to recoup up to 75% of the value of the replacement project when selling the house. This was revealed in the Remodeling Magazine 2013, in the “Remodeling Cost Vs Value Report”. The material of the siding will depend on many other causes such as the aesthetic value, architectural background and the neighboring buildings to your house.

As per the above information, replacing the worn out sidings of your home can have a huge effect on the value and aesthetic appearance of your home. Performing the job during the summer time can help to save much of your hard earned money in the process.